We are the ones who climbs walls just to see what is behind them and the rooftops so you can get closer to the stars. We are the dreamers the doers and the creators. 
The uncontrollable. The travellers, the drifters and the hustlers. The ones who got thrown out and fought their way back in.
The ones who broke free, the ones who never gave up and the ones who didn't listen when they said no. The troublemakers. We are the ones who did it anyways.

Byhjalte is a conceptualised brand infringing that you can do whatever you want. It stands for individual power, no limitations and no fear. 

There is no limits in what we are capable of - if we just set our minds to it. We are not scared of what other people think and can tell difference of what we think, and what society wants us to think. A libertarian view of life because we have faith in our own strength and wisdom. 

The beams
Bob Hjalte

The grandfather that passed. Where the Hjalte family came from, where the concept of affinity originated and to who we will carry it on in memory of. 

The Family

There is the whole reason for byhjalte existence and it is the team of friends and family that copers of the brand, the concept and of the life. 


Matilda Hjalte 

The founder, the brain and the looks!